Mongolian Days 1



Mongolian Event in Brooklyn, New York

Asian – American – Pacific Islander Heritage day celebration was held at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in May 2017. NYC Mongol community presented Mongol culture: building Mongolian Ger ( Yurt ), music and dance.
Singer: Suvdaa Khereid, Morinkhuur player: Ulziimuren
Dancers: Senge, Gray, Yeroolt

Tour Guide

Byambakhuu Darinchuluun

He was born in Mongolia. As a Mongolian Ethnographer, history teacher he started pursuing his English and in 2005, he arrived in United States. Soon after he’s been invited to teach Mongolian Culture class that at Mongolian School of the National Capital Area (MSNCA). He was one of the founding member of the Young Mongolian Professional Association (YMPA) as well as the Director of Public Relation of the first Professional organization for Mongolian American community that in Washington DC area.
He has been through his entrepreneur-ism that founded a professional event planning business in US successfully crossing in all great city area that in the Mongolian speaking community and others. He created a platform that in US for the artist and entertaining circle from Mongolia that as a successful producer. In 2011, along his uplifting spirit
he came to New York City. Byambakhuu founded Mongol Heritage Foundation with the goal of building a bridge between the Mongols and the world through his open spirit and sincerity.
Mongol Heritage Foundation


Byambakhuu’s Favorite Online Business

Made in Mongolia NYC


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After the tour

According to NYC Mongol, there are approximately 2000 Mongols living in the tri state area. They accomplished as many as 40 events in 2017. You will see another traditional ceremonial event in the “Mongolian Days 2.”— by Kombu

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