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Noor is an international development specialist with a decade of experience in microfinance, non-profit fundraising, management and communications. She has previously worked with Grameen, a Nobel Prize winning pioneer in microfinance, as well as with the United Nations. She holds an undergraduate degree from Moscow University Touro in Moscow, Russia and a masters from Columbia University in New York. Originally from Bangladesh, Noor grew up internationally living in seven countries and speaks Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Russian and Arabic. In her spare time, Noor enjoys traveling, cooking, food blogging and hosting pop-up Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan dinners.

You can find out more about Noor and her pop-up events here:
Website: www.noorieboorie.com
Instagram: @noorieboorie



Hi I’m Lynn….originally from Boston, and living in NYC since 2001. ‘Quirky’ is my middle name! I enjoy a range of activities, and especially like trying out new things. Past and current hobbies have included salsa dancing, gardening, hiking, photography, modern art, high fashion and billiards. On my current to-do list is to try out a martial art, learn how to play the bouzouki and attend a girls roller derby event (as a spectator!) I greatly enjoy foreign travel, language and film. I have slowly but steadily been teaching myself Japanese by reading various instruction manuals, learning hiragana and katakana (with these flash cards which are amazingly helpful! http://www.tuttlepublishing.com/language-books/japanese/flash-cards/japanese-kana-cards-kit-book-and-kit) and by watching Japanese film. Some of my favorite Japanese movies are Tokyo Story, Ikiru, The Taste of Tea, When a Woman Ascends the Stairs, Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, Spirited Away (animation by Miyazaki) and Kikujiro. In the video you may have noticed artwork featuring Japanese woodblock technique. That was done by my friend, Beatriz Inglessis, website: beatrizinglessis.net/THE-MAKING-OF

Lynn started her own little Supper Club, details found here:


Noor’s Favorite Local Business

Seva Indian Cuisine



Queens Kickshaw



Lynn’s Favorite NYC businesses for Japanese-inspired fashion



Dover Street Market



Favorite shop in Tokyo for traditional Japanese crafts

Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square



Favorite local restaurant (in Lynn’s Astoria neighborhood)

Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna



After Visiting Them

Did you see the pretty colors of spices? It was fun to see that Noor cooked delicious Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan cuisines from those colorful spices. Noor and Lynn are hosting food events. If you would like to taste their amazing food, why don’t you join their food events? — by Kombu



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