Mini Bahasa Lesson with Sandy

Bahasa is the national languages of Indonesia.

Instructors’s Profile

Adrianus Sandy Dharmawan Satrio

Age : 26 years old
Nationality : Indonesia
Ethnicity : Javanese
Interested : Travel the places I’ve never been, and feel the peace on it
About Japan, I really love Japan, I’ve been there once at Tokyo (only Tokyo, sad :() I want to be there more times. Japanese are sooooo kind, humble and generous, I really love them. I like Manga too, always in my thought since I was child until now.


Selamat pagi / Good morning
Selamat siang / Good afternoon
Selamat sore / Good evening
Selamat malam / Good night
Apa kabar? / How are you?
Senang bertemu dengan anda / Nice to meet you
Sampai jumpa! / See you later!
Terima kasih / Thank you


Sandy’s Favorite Small Business

Sky Cafe

Address: 8620 Whitney Ave, Queens, NY 11373
Tel: Phone number (718) 651-9759

Restaurant where serves Indonesian cuisine with the delicious spicy food in town. They offer rendang, rice, soup etc.
I like because I love to eat hehe…

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