Charlie made a cree hand drum

Mohawk hand drum Workshop


On October 10th I headed north to the Mohawk community of Kanatsiohareke near Fonda, NY. I went there to participate in a hand drum making workshop. The workshop was led by Jackie Labonte, who is of the Mohawk tribe. During the workshop I got to perform all the stages of making a hand drum: sanding the wooden frame, making a drum stick, cutting the deer hide and attaching it to the frame to make the drum top. The wooden frame was made out of white pine. The white pine has special significance to the Mohawk people. During the workshop I not only learned to make a hand drum, but also got to learn about Native American cultures and teachings – particularly those of the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois people.

1) The process of making my hand drum.



2) My hand drum making instructor, Jackie (left) and me



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