Mini Kalmyk Lesson by Alexander & Pavel

Kalmyk is one of the official languages in Republic of Kalmykia and one of the Mongolian dialects.

Instructor’s Profile

Alxander Nadbitov

My name is Alxander Nadbitov. I’m from Republic of Kalmykia, Russia.I was born in Kyrgizstan, in March 1956. I’m a videographer, making documentary for our Mongolian Community: Buriats, Tuvans, Mongolians, Oirat Kalmyks, Ovor Mongols and Hazaran Mongols in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
I have my own YouTube Channel: Ulan Zalata Productions. If you are interested in and want to know about our cultures, traditions, please watch the videos of our traditional Holidays, concerts, festivals, sports tournaments and more events. Welcome to my YouTube Channel: Ulan Zalata Production.


Mendvt. Yamaran byayanat? / Hi, how are you?
Mu bish. / I’m fine.
Chi khamahas naaran irevch? / Where are you from ?
Bi Belgiumas irev. / I came from Belgium.
Kedyu udan end byayakhut? / How long will you stay here?
Mangdurtan / tomorrow
Bairljanav (khanjanav). / Thank you


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